Morning Flight

I realized I may have been neglecting my favorite bird the great blue heron by not posting any photos of them yet this month. So I thought these two recent photos of this handsome heron would be appropriate for a Monday to start off our week.

In the first photo you can see it flying across the marsh pond with the trees along the side reflecting green in the water. By the time the great blue begins his descent, he has arrived in a clear portion of the pond where only the light grey sky is reflected in the water. The great blue heron is one of our larger wading birds and may appear a bit gangly when walking, but they are quite elegant flyers. 

GBH Flight Across Marsh Pond

GBH Flight Across Marsh Pond

34 thoughts on “Morning Flight

  1. Superb shots, Phil. Our resident blue is back here again. I saw it with a big fish a couple of nights ago. He laid it on the grass to get a better grip, and an eagle swooped out of nowhere and snatched it from under his nose. 😀

  2. I like each of the photos equally. When I see these large birds, I find myself noticing how graceful their legs and feet are – and they are so long! Love the water and reflections in the first photo. In the second his colors are at the forefront against the background Lovely!

    • I am quite thrilled with your kind words and am very happy you enjoyed the photos of this big wading bird.
      They do have amazing legs and feet but around here they need them to be able to navigate in and around the oyster beds in the salt marsh.

  3. I regularly try to get shots of Great Blue Herons and really appreciate how difficult it is to get shots like this. (I don’t even like to think about how tough it must me to get your great shots of alligators and spoonbills). Your shots show off the beauty of this amazing bird–I like the contrast provided by the two different images.

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