“Nice Tail”

Well at least that’s what I told this rather large alligator that was slogging through the mud among the oyster beds in the salt marsh recently. He really looked like he meant business, so what else would I tell him?!? 🙂 

Nice Tail

44 thoughts on ““Nice Tail”

        • Well since you majored in marine biology you may be wondering about seeing alligators in salt water. They do not in fact live in the salt marsh but will go there to visit on occasion to hunt for food, then they go back to their regular pond habitat. 🙂

          • Yeah I’ve seen alligators at the salt marshes on the Gulf before…behind St Marks Lighthouse I saw one in that marsh. I guess the ones I mostly see though in Big Cypress or any of the wetlands, the water is fresh. Lake Okeechobee has lots, lots of alligators.

  1. Whoa! Talk about gravitas coming through in the photograph. I think you found exactly the correct words! 😉 He’s a beautiful creature.

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