Leaving So Soon?!

Last night was cloudy and overcast and just when it was starting to get dark our cranky pink friend arrived and started to feed. There also happened to be an egret in the same area and they got along just fine for a while until the egret apparently had enough and decided he needed to immediately leave the area. The spoonbill seemed a bit shocked that anyone wouldn’t want to hang around with him for the evening…especially since he’d been working on his social skills and was finally learning to coexist well with other birds! And even worse…poor spoonie seemed lonely and forlorn over having been abandoned.

Egret and Spoonbill in Salt Marsh

Egret and Spoonbill in Salt Marsh

Egret and Spoonbill in Salt Marsh

42 thoughts on “Leaving So Soon?!

  1. I thought the spoonbills is snapping after the legs of the heron! πŸ˜‰ The poor guy … Now he had to go alone in the evening.

  2. Phil,

    I am a novice birder at huntington beach state park and I view your web site regularly. Sat. morning I was on the causeway and saw 7 spoonbills hanging with the wood storks on the far side of the pond. I personally have never seen that many spoonbills together at huntington and I was thrilled. Maybe they were just passing through, but I swear to you there were seven.

  3. Well that’s a ‘fair weather friend’ for you. Mr Cranky looks so forlorn in that last pic. You almost had me in tears. 😦
    It just occurred to me that your wonderful pics of Mr A and all the beautiful birds in your salt marsh, together with your entertaining narrative, would make fabulous children’s books.

    • Maggie I think that is very possible. I saw him getting along just fine with some ibis last night and he even (well despite one minor tail biting incident) got along with other spoonbills last week. πŸ˜€

  4. Mr. Cranky kind of getting a taste of his own rude medicine…although I do feel sorry for him. Dammit Phil! Just when I thought I wouldn’t like that bird just because he’s pink with a ‘tude, I’m feeling badly for him. All because of your fantastic photography. Thanks.

    • He’s still got some of that ‘tude working, he was involved in a minor tail biting incident prior to me getting these shots.
      Thanks, I’m happy you liked these pics of our goofy pink friend.

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