Little Blue Heron Flight

6 thoughts on “Little Blue Heron Flight

    • Thanks Ricky I appreciate you looking and commenting and glad you liked the LBH shots.
      Yup 7D is still going strong after four years. However, if Canon does come out with a 7D MKII sometime next year I’ll likely be first in line for that.

        • All I will need is the $ when the new 7D comes out, hope I have it then. 🙂

          We saw one spoonie this morning and saw 4 on Sunday but don’t know how much longer any will stick around. It’s supposed to get cold here starting tonight so they could all decide to leave. Although back in 2009 we had a couple stay through Nov. and left on Dec. 1 and it was a really cold Nov. that year so who knows?

  1. Hi Phil. I love your work. Amazing photography. I’ve recently discovered Huntington Beach State Park and recognize you from this page. I’m considering upgrading my lens and getting a converter but am a novice. Do you have a blog about your methods, recommendations or anything I could follow? I’ll be back in SC nov 7 and will say hi if I see you.

    • Thanks very much for your visit here and I appreciate the kind comments!
      No blog on gear or techniques but I do use a Canon 1.4 extender on my 300 f4 every day and have been more then happy with the results. 🙂
      By all means stop over and say hi the next time you are in the area.

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