Where’s Mom?

We saw this tiny baby alligator in the swamp this morning all alone by itself, no mom in sight. The little tyke had a forlorn look on his face as if he was thinking… “Mom left me, so now what am I supposed to do?!?” 

Baby Alligator in Swamp

32 thoughts on “Where’s Mom?

    • He is cute and no neither of us ever did see mom although I suspect she may have been nearby. I saw her last week and I do not think she particularly appreciated my presence.

  1. What a sweet little guy or girl. They are so much softer looking before they grow up. Beautiful photo. He does look like he wants his mommy! 🙂

    • He might have initially thought it would be a great idea to go explore on his own a bit, and possibly mom even encouraged this bravery. But the world can suddenly look awful large and even scary to small lost youngster.

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