Mister Cool

Alligator season is winding down here along our marsh and most have begun to tuck themselves away as the weather gets cooler. But yesterday late afternoon, who do I see lounging in the soft weeds at the edge of the pond?!? Why of course it’s out old pal Mr. A making a November personal appearance!

He was all settled in when I first spotted him and was looking cool and casual as usual, but about an hour later he decided to slide into the water and patrol the area along the pond’s edge. As the evening got later and the sun began to set, you can see the water developing just a tinge of pink in the third photo. That would ultimately turn red and provide a warm and colorful sunset over the marsh pond. At this point I was hoping Mr. Cool would glide on over into the red and gold water because he always looks so good lit that way, but he choose to remain close by me there the edge of the pond as I took the sunset photo.

And yes there were still two spoonbills that showed up in the salt marsh around this time and I do have photos of them but I thought it prudent and appropriate to give Mr. A some well deserved screen time today. Look for more photos of our goofy pink friends in the next day or so.  🙂 

Mister Cool

Mister Cool

Mister Cool

Sunset at the Marsh Pond

33 thoughts on “Mister Cool

  1. Yes Deb, I thought he did deserve a little screen time especially since the pink birds have kind of been the stars of the show for a while now. We don’t want our big friend to feel left out do we?! 😀
    I tried to talk him into swimming right into that sunset reflection but he was not in the mood to cooperate. 🙂

  2. So it looks as if Mr. Cool likes a bit of gold glitter around the eyes. Too bad he didn’t glide into that fantastic sunset, but apparently your animal magnetism overcame his desire to model;. 🙂

    • He does look quite stylish with those eye accent colors doesn’t he?! I was hoping he would glide on in to the setting sunlight on the water but guess he just wanted to hang around with the gang at the edge of the pond. 😀

  3. Mr. A is such a huggable guy. Right. Well, you guys know what I mean. I really like that photo of him in the soft marsh weeds. Then gliding in the water – such great detail and so close! Sunset is beautiful — reflection in water and clouds so pretty.

  4. Mr. A chose to remain close by you… 🙂 Wow, amazing sunset, the reflection is incredible! Glad to know that the local ABC posted you shot 🙂

    • I thought he like me until he refused my request to swim out into the reflected setting sunlight. Oh well, maybe because it is getting cooler he is getting in a slightly less cooperating mood.
      Thanks Amy!
      Oh, and they showed my time lapse video on the TV news last night at 11pm.

    • He has quite a face doesn’t he Maggie?! But I think that as the weather cools down he may become a bit less cooperative as far as my photos go. Can you imagine such a thing?! 😀

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