Well it’s that time of year again as winter approaches and the ducks start moving into our area. My favorite of all the ducks are the hooded mergansers. To me, they look like a cartoon character or somebody’s idea of a comical creature from another world. Plus, the males are just so darn cute especially when they pop up their white head crest. Sometimes they bob up their entire head and fan out that crest at the same time which can appear quite humorous.

The female merganser, seen along with her boyfriend in the fourth photo, has what I have often heard described as ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ hair. They are indeed quite the pair and the always amusing hoodies never fail to entertain.  🙂

I took quite a few photos of them going about their business today in a nearby pond so you all will likely be seeing more hoodie pics as the week goes on! 

Hooded Mergansers in Pond

Hooded Mergansers in Pond

Hooded Mergansers in Pond

Hooded Mergansers in Pond

Hooded Mergansers in Pond

62 thoughts on “Hoodies!

      • Love your work. I have been a avid photographer for years now in my retirement. I live in the upstate of South Carolina and about one and half hour from the mountains in North Carolina.
        I have Dementia now and can’t get out as much as I used to. I have two good friends that take me hiking to waterfalls every week. I have Quite a collection on my web page. I look for your post every week.
        Do you live close to the pond where you shoot the birds? We get down to the coast to shoot sometimes but don’t know where to go to get those great shots that you get. I shoot a Nikon D 600 now but still use my d-90 to take waterfalls as I don’t want to take a chance to drop my new camera in the water
        Keep doing what you are doing. You are living my dream.

  1. Great shots of some unreal-looking ducks! It’s not easy to pick a favorite photo, but the fourth and fifth are especially amusing.

  2. Nice Phil! I saw one on the lake at work this year. He was beautiful. But I didn’t get a good shot of him. But it still went in my Duck folder.:):) I think he was lost.:):)

  3. I always think that it is rather unfair, that whilst the male merganzers look such smoothies, the female looks as if she is having a bad hair day! Not that her boyfriend seems to mind! Such entertaining little ducks, aren’t they?

    • They really are very entertaining ducks Maggie and although the female has a much different look then the rather comical male, she is more distinguished in some ways if you really think about it. 😀

    • Oh yes Sylvia they are super cute, and funny!
      Everyone wants one for Christmas but they are getting hard to find as they are out of stock almost everywhere. 😀
      So glad you liked the photos!

    • Well I’m glad you get a kick out of my goofy stories from the marsh. 😀 The hoodies really are a lot of fun to watch and photograph and I hope do get to see some, I know you will enjoy it.

  4. Bride of Frankenstein hair! Laughed so loud, and it’s very true! Also, though, these are very pretty ducks. Beautiful coloring, and your captures show their detail so well!

    • Glad you got a laugh out of that one but it’s true. 🙂 I have also heard punk rocker hair which could apply as well.
      I’m really happy you enjoyed seeing these cool and funny little ducks!

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