“I Want My Mommy!”

Yesterday afternoon I saw this baby alligator pop it’s little head up out of the swamp and take a look around. I believe he was looking for his mom because she was indeed keeping watch nearby tucked back into the reeds where you could barely see her.

There were also a few more little ones that I could see hidden even farther back in the reeds but only this one ventured out into the water. I know mom was keeping an eye on the entire brood and this could get interesting as we get further into Spring and the weather starts to really warm up! 

Baby Alligator Pops Up In Swamp

46 thoughts on ““I Want My Mommy!”

    • I’m just glad the babies made it through the winter OK, I was worried when we got those unseasonable ice storms on a few occasions. I wonder if mom would have been quick enough to stop a GBH from snatching baby?!?

  1. I hope you feel better soon, Phil. So sorry about your condition! It sounds quite alarming. I hope very much you’re in for better days from now?

  2. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather in sickness. I hope your tests come out favorably. No fun getting ill when your weather might finally turn sunny and warm with Spring looming in a few weeks. Take care. The little gator must be thinking nice thoughts with that little grin.

    • The only silver lining to getting laid up for the past month is that it’s about the slowest time of the year for wildlife action here. If this happened in May or July for instance I would be beside myself. Plus the alligators would really miss me. 🙂
      Glad you like the baby photo!

    • Mom did get a bit feisty at one point she burst back through the reeds to chase off somebody. I suspect she is going to be a real handful this spring and summer as the weather and action heats up.
      Glad you liked babies pic!

  3. Hello Phil.
    You captured an amazing moment of this cute baby alligator.
    The photo is wonderful!
    What was the approximate distance between you and the little alligator
    when you took the photo?
    Have a lovely week 🙂 Jussara

  4. Isn’t he the cutest guy? Glad mom didn’t charge you….and that some other predator didn’t get this little guy. He’s so at home in that shallow area. Colors are great.

    My sympathies for the passing of your guys’ companion. A hole is left like no other…. I hope you will be ok and that your tests go smoothly.

    • He sure is a little cutie and I know mom is going to be handful by late Spring. She will not want a lot of attention placed on her babies which is understandable.

      Thank you very much for you kind and thoughtful words. We really miss our little Jack and can’t believe how empty and quiet the place feels by the absence of just one skinny old cat.
      I strongly suspect the stress of it did not help my physical condition at all.

      • Yes, I can bet you are right about the stress. I know what happened to me, and my husband, after our most recent loss. It is very difficult. Hang in there, and I hope you will be ok.

  5. Cute little gator. 🙂

    So sorry about your cat. It’s so different, becomes so quiet when you lose them – especially having them for so long.

    • Yup he’s a cute little guy all right! 🙂

      You hit the nail on the head and we can’t believe the void and the emptiness around here by losing out little Jack.
      It’s been tough. Thanks for the kind words.

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