They Grow So Fast

This past weekend I went over to the swamp to see if I could spot mom and any of her babies that she always had nearby at the end of last summer. Well I saw mom, she was all tucked backed into the reeds where you could barely see her, but of course she could easily spot me.

I only saw this one baby, although it’s going to get progressively harder to keep calling them babies as this one is already much longer then the last time I saw any of them. I was surprised, especially considering they don’t eat during the winter, and I had concerns they would even make it OK. Judging by this youngster, any of the former babies that did make it must be doing quite well! 

Baby in the Swamp

23 thoughts on “They Grow So Fast

    • Thanks very much Edith! We are happy he made it and hope his brothers and sisters did too. I have seen three or four so far and at one time there were six so we will keep lookng.

    • He looks to be a little over two feet long which is pretty good considering he has not eaten in a few months.
      I too am amazed how they do it, especially since we had a tough winter here.

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