Just Keep Moving…

The young, smaller alligator in the foreground suddenly found itself side by side with a much older and larger gator in the marsh pond. The youngster has to leave quickly, but not too quickly, because a fast sudden movement could be seen by the adult as a potential aggressive move. So the little guy has to swim…casually.

The little guy does not want to appear weak and afraid, but certainly has no intention to mount any type of challenge. So the right speed, and the right attitude is required to get by the adult alligator who likely sees this area as his personal turf. 

Just Keep Moving

15 thoughts on “Just Keep Moving…

  1. That little guy is so sweet. Look at him being good, doing the right thing so nonchalantly. He’s even trying not to look , lol. 🙂 I can see that the big guy knows exactly what’s going on, too.

  2. The little one looks like it is dinner size for the larger one. Gators like to eat gators just as much as Cajuns do.

    • It’s possible that a larger alligator would kill a smaller one, I have seen them fight. The dead one would have to marinate and soften up for a while before it got good and tasty to eat though.

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