“Just Thought I’d Ski In”

When the white pelicans were in recently they spent most of their time floating around the marsh pond scooping up fish. But occasionally one would decide he needed to immediately fly over to a different section. That action would peak the interest of another pelican who would assume this new spot must be where all the good fish are, and he needed to be there also.

That’s what happened here when the second pelican made a big show of water skiing over to join his friend. The new arrival failed to impress the friend however who just kept right on fishing. Realizing that was the best move anyway, the skier never missed a beat as he combined skiing with diving and immediately joined his buddy in some serious fishing. 

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

White Pelican Waterskis In

26 thoughts on ““Just Thought I’d Ski In”

  1. Water-skier extraordinaire, that is for sure! 🙂 Love how they fish! Especially enjoyed the left most pelican, and the sequence of his fishing head dive!

  2. I love when they do that, it looks like they are water skying, they are so great, and so are your photos, I love pelicans, and miss them, where i am I’m lucky if i see a squirrel, (way up near the adirondacks) and still have over a foot of snow here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • These big guys are expert water skiers! Plus they can be show offs as well.
      We are currently experiencing a brief cold snap here but no snow. Cold in late march confuses the alligators though which is never a good thing.

      • Your in South Carolina right? Am thinking of making the big move either to North Carolina or S. Carolina or even back to Florida, cant do another winter here, ever since i moved here in December all I’ve seen is snow, snow and more snow, it even snowed today@@@@@and, will not take pictures of anymore snow scenes, I’m tired of it, and guess I learned my lesson about missing snow, but up in the adirondacks, I would imagine and hope the summer and spring which may happen in June..lol…would be beautiful, as well as the fall with the colors, after that, Im gone…no more snow for me…..atleast not like this, I showed a friend a pic of this place and he thought i lived in Greenland or the Artic Circle…seriously, and he was from Jersey!!!!

        • Yeah we are just south of Myrtle Beach SC.
          I used to live in Jersey but just couldn’t take the winters anymore. (Plus all the other horrible things about NJ) 🙂
          This has been a brutal winter especially for you folks, but even here it won’t totally let go. We are supposed to go down to freezing tonight. Of course it will be sunny and in the 70s for the weekend.

    • Thanks! Glad you liked the landing.
      This has been a funny year for the WPs around here. There were some here when they would not be expected, and not here when you would expect. So I’m not sure where the heck they are heading off to now.

    • This one had perfect form and I suspect that if I screwed up the shots he would have been disappointed. Don’t want to waste the best performance if it’s not going to be properly captured.
      It’s been a funny year for the WPs around here and they are one bird I’m having trouble trying to predict arrivals and departures.
      Mark your calendar though for spoonbill arrival which I predict for last week of June/First week of July.

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