Little Greenie

Earlier this week I was watching this green heron fishing in the salt marsh. These little guys are such intense and determined stalkers of their prey which includes small fish, shrimp, and other aquatic species.

Although relatively small in size, the green herons have considerable appeal due to their brightly colored plumage and I always enjoy seeing one in action.

Green Heron Fishing in Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in Salt Marsh

35 thoughts on “Little Greenie

  1. What a pretty bird. He’s smaller, and so cute. Very colorful. I enjoy the looks on their faces when they’ve found a treat! 🙂 His eyes are happy. It’s interesting to me how there’s a specially sized snack for everyone.

    • So true! They look very serious while hunting but then when they catch something they look much more joyful. Could it be because hunting for your food is a full time job for these birds?
      There certainly is a perfect size snack for just about every size! 🙂

  2. Ahhh…from yesterday’s abysmal fishing tale to today’s glorious success, this series makes the heart chuckle. (No gators, ‘ey?!) Effervescent colors, alluring bird, I sure wouldn’t look at a Green Heron the same way again. 😀

    • Well you have to figure every once in a while somebody has to catch something. 🙂 There were no gators around where this little guy was fishing. But green herons are quick little buggers so it would be super tough for a gator to grab one anyway.
      Glad you enjoyed seeing this colorful bird in action!

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