Stilts Are Back

A few days ago we once again had a visit in our area from this lovely pair of Black-necked Stilts. I really enjoy seeing these long legged beauties traverse the shallow water of the marsh in search of tiny fish and other tasty marine crustaceans.

Black Necked Stilt

Black Necked Stilt

Black Necked Stilt

Black Necked Stilt

24 thoughts on “Stilts Are Back

  1. Very beautiful bird, my favorite is 4 because of his leg position and the 2nde because of the purple reflexion on his beak (even if head is not perfectly sharp, you offer always amazing pictures and perfect ones so I notice this;-) but I am not able to do a quarter of your great job :-D)
    Enjoy your day Phil

  2. I love these little guys and girls. The are so pretty, and just so cute with their coloring. He looks happy with his rummaging here!

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