“Don’t Give Me That Look!”

Yesterday afternoon this osprey flew right over my head and gave me a look which I didn’t particularly care for.

It sure could be worse though, I would hate to be a fish and peer up through the water and see this bird glaring down at me with that look on it’s face!

Osprey Looking Down

44 thoughts on ““Don’t Give Me That Look!”

  1. Heyyy! You finally have one for the season. They’re all over our place this summer and are thriving! These birds are the best fishers of all, and their family dynamics are amazing. Happy to see you Mr. Osprey; Mr. Phil is a great friend ;)!

  2. He was taking quite a pointed look at you. Guess it’s good you were neither a little fish, nor had one in your hand! Great photo, and such a beautiful bird. (still keeping everything crossed that some spoonies show!)

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