Young Woody Flies In

Earlier this week we had several wood storks show up in the marsh. They were all adults except for this one juvenile that I was keeping an eye on because I was interested to see how he would get along with all the other birds.

He stayed with the adults for a short while, then abruptly took off on his own and performed a nice landing over on the near edge of the pond area.

The youngster was a great flyer and looked like he would be just fine!

Young Wood Stork Flying In

Young Wood Stork Flying In

Young Wood Stork Flying In

20 thoughts on “Young Woody Flies In

  1. Reflections are gorgeous. He’s a very talented little guy – he’s got quite a bit of finesse for a young ‘un. Love how he stretches every part of his foot in anticipation of the landing. And a fine landing it was! Cute guy!

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