Getting Along OK

Two wood storks and a young alligator all quietly go about their business on a recent afternoon in the marsh pond.

The storks seemed oblivious to the alligator’s presence, and the gator totally ignored the wood storks.

It’s nice to see everyone getting on so well. 🙂

Wood Storks and Alligator

8 thoughts on “Getting Along OK

  1. It always amazes me, Phil, that the alligators don’t eat the birds and that the birds feel completely safe near the alligators. One of nature’s many wonders I guess!

  2. Wow cant believe how close they both are gators and birds, its almost as if they are friends and just do their thing, I wish I had some nature here, you would think way way upstate NYS…I dont see anything here except insects….weird……just dont get it.

  3. They look completely calm and unafraid. That young alligator seems to be enjoying having them nearby.

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