Saturday Is Crab Night At The Marsh

This alligator went for the blue crab special last night in the salt marsh.

When you hear the crunch, you know the crab is fresh!

Alligator Crunching a Crab

26 thoughts on “Saturday Is Crab Night At The Marsh

    • Crab is extra tasty for sure and I had thoughts of it for dinner myself but went with a steak instead. Bet this big boy would have loved a steak too, I’m guessing rare. Very rare.
      I think he chipped a tooth. On what (or who) I don’t know.

    • He got tossed out of our local seafood market after eating not just the free samples, but half the stuff available for sale. Oh, and he makes a huge mess out of everything.
      Yes, nice white teeth! 🙂

    • I never expected when I started this blog two years ago how almost universally popular (if that’s the right word) alligators would be. They are often the most viewed subject and kids in particular really seem to love ’em. Could be the dinosaur tie in, kids love them as well.

  1. Wow!!!! How do you get so close without getting scared he will have you for dinner????? I know the zoom button, great shot!!!!!

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