Before Dinner Walk

Most everyone has heard of, or possibly taken, a pleasant after dinner walk. However… this past Saturday evening, an alligator decided to take a delightful little before dinner stroll to the salt marsh to grab a nice fresh seafood meal.

All I can say is, it works for me. If that’s what makes him happy, that’s what makes everybody happy. Well, everybody except the fish and crabs of course.  🙂

Alligator Taking a Saturday Evening Walk

39 thoughts on “Before Dinner Walk

    • As he got closer he sort of started to veer a bit to his left, and at the same time I started to veer a bit to my left to stay out of his way so it all worked out fine. 🙂

  1. Great pic Phil. I just can’t believe you had the courage to get so close. I wouldn’t call that one cute looking. Amazing seeing them on land looking so slow and heavy to think they can move quickly.

  2. Now this guy looks like a huge lizard its amazing how close you get to these guys, never saw one walking like that. But then again, only saw one in person in my life and he was in a lake or marsh….slithering along

    • It’s really amazing to see one out walking around on land, they are the closest thing e have to a living dinosaur.
      I often see them in the water as you might expect but it is different to see one just strolling around leisurely.

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