Wood Storks Get A Visitor

Yesterday afternoon the usual gaggle of wood storks had an unexpected and unusual visitor drop into their territory in the marsh pond.

An American White Pelican arrived and proceeded to swim back and forth in front of the wood stork lineup scooping up numerous fish.

It’s worthwhile to note the size difference between the two species. Wood storks are large birds but the white pelican makes them look medium sized at best, while the tricolored heron in the fourth photo looks tiny compared to our pelican friend.

As the afternoon went on… more arriving wood storks did not faze the pelican and at one point some of the wood storks even appeared to be showing the big guy some respect!

White Pelican Visits Wood Storks

White Pelican Visits Wood Storks

White Pelican Visits Wood Storks

White Pelican Visits Wood Storks

White Pelican Visits Wood Storks

25 thoughts on “Wood Storks Get A Visitor

  1. A wonderful bird is the pelican,
    His bill will hold more than his belican.
    He can take in his beak
    Food enough for a week,
    But I’m damned if I see how the helican.
    Ogden Nash

    Maybe a well-known verse to many, but #4 made me think of it. Love the intensity of the color and light in that image of its bill.

  2. Some amazing shots here. The two shots with the light shining through that pouch really makes it shine. It might have been easy to miss the tiny tricolor if you hadn’t pointed him out. That third shot looks like the stork is landing on the pelican’s back and the final shot nearly makes the wood storks appear equal to the size of the pelican.

    Fantastic shooting, as always!

    • Hey thanks a million! Glad you liked the pics of big whitey! That tri really does look tiny next to the penguin doesn’t he?! And the tri is not even that small of a bird.

    • He came in with a few others but they just kept flying by and this one decided to drop in and stay a while. It’s actually fairly uncommon for us to see white pelicans at any time of year and I don’t know why they came by now.

    • Well that;s great to hear Charlie, glad you liked seeing a glimpse of life all the way on the back edge of the pond. I kept hoping the big guy would come in closer but he never did.

  3. These are brilliant shots, Phil! Great the way they show the difference in size between the birds – it looks as though the Pelican could have swallowed the little Tri in one gulp!

  4. The pelican does make the wood stork look smaller. He seems like he doesn’t have a care in the world in the midst of all those storks. I love the tall grass behind the birds, and the reflections. The grass is a great backdrop!

    • That was exactly it! He seemed completely care free the entire time! It was funny too because he came in with some friends but none of them stayed.
      This was a view looking all the way across the marsh pond. I kept hoping the big guy would come in close but he never did.

    • Nature really is quite amazing and we are always thrilled when we get to see several species all together in one place. There were also alligators and anhingas out with this group at various times. Fun!

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