After The Turtles…

After leaving the sea turtle nest area we were treated to a beautiful sunset on our walk back to the car. Here are two views looking west from the beach. The sky color change from the first photo to the second took 20 minutes.

And of course we had to check in on our resident spoonbill out in the salt marsh just at sunset still doing his thing. 🙂

Sunset  From the Beach at HBSP

Sunset  From the Beach at HBSP

Sunset Spoonbill


9 thoughts on “After The Turtles…

  1. Beautiful sight for you guys! The colors are so warm. Nice to see Mr. S doing well. The color of the sunset-warmed water makes him look calm.

  2. Breathtaking!!!Thank you so much Phil for posting these sunset pics as requested. You’re living in paradise for sure :D. …OK – 3 spoonies now in the marsh, is that right? Thrilled that this little one is healing very well; hopefully s/he’ll find even more comfort and refuge in the company of the other two rambunctious ones.

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