“Hey…That’s MY Routine!”

One day last week I noticed this great blue heron standing in the reeds at the edge of the salt marsh and I could tell from his body posture he was up to something. Sure enough, out came the wings forming what appears to be a collection dish shape in what we call the ‘flashing’ pose.

From what I understand, it is a method some birds will use to thermoregulate their body temperature.

But a short time later when a wood stork landed nearby and started to strike a similar pose, the GBH got all upset and vocal while letting Woody know that he was copying the whole routine!

The Flashing GBH

The Flashing GBH

The Flashing GBH

The Flashing GBH

30 thoughts on ““Hey…That’s MY Routine!”

  1. It does look like opening the raincoat and flashing! 🙂 Great photos, and I love how Mr. GBH is vocal about it.

    • He does look like a raincoat opener! This GBH is a loudmouth. He is the one that will come over whenever an alligator is feeding in the area and loudly complain. He won’t leave, he will just stand there and complain.

      • I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh. The idea of it. It is so funny to see the personalities displayed by wild creatures!

        • Oh it’s hysterical! We have seen him do it several times and we know it’s the same one. He just stands there in one spot glaring at the gator and sqwacking continuously. But he won’t leave, and he certainly could leave, he can fly and go anywhere but he insists on giving the gator a hard time. Naturally the alligator could not care less and just ignores the heron which probably makes him madder.

  2. What a hoot! I love the characters of your marsh – they’re such a conglomeration of divas & superstars. I guess the “15-minute” fame is all too real on this stage. Oh! Wait till Mr. A, the angry spoonie and Radar get in on the scene…

    • Oh that would be the ultimate trio! Especially with adding in Radar! He already thinks he is king of the marsh but I guess these all do! They could sell tickets for some of these performances! 🙂

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