Chasing… Something

Snowy Egrets seem to spend a large portion of their lives in a state of constant agitation. They look for any reason to get themselves all fluffed and puffed so they can start squawking and chasing something.

In truth, they don’t even need an actual reason to get all fired up. Snowys are completely capable of working themselves into a state of frenzy over… well, nothing.

Such was the case last week when I saw snowball get himself fluffed up and start to run full speed across the salt marsh for no reason that I could see. I’m sure in his mind this behavior was totally required, but I never could locate the object of his excitement.

That’s a good part of the fun of watching snowys, they are always up to something, and it’s usually very entertaining.  🙂

Excited Snowy

Excited Snowy

Excited Snowy

Excited Snowy

Excited Snowy

24 thoughts on “Chasing… Something

  1. Phil, your bird photos are so good and really good examples of how I’d like to shoot, telling a story, rather than just have my subjects standing or floating in the middle of the frame. Thanks for sharing them. And, I’ll keep trying!

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