Another One Got Away!

Some of you may remember seeing the post from earlier this week where an anhinga lost it’s fish in a daring mid air escape.

Well this afternoon I was watching this spoonbill fishing in the salt marsh when I saw it catch a fish and the spoonie seemed to have the fish firmly grasped in it’s spatula shaped bill. But then, to both my and the spoonbill’s astonishment, the fish flopped out and dove to freedom!

The spoonbill tried to recapture the fish with a quick lunge and grab, but the fish successfully flew away from spoonie and out of my frame.

The now angry looking pink bird plunged it’s bill back into the water in an attempt to recapture the fish but no luck for spoonie but score one more for a lucky fish!

Spoonbill Loses Fish

Spoonbill Loses Fish

Spoonbill Loses Fish

Spoonbill Loses Fish

19 thoughts on “Another One Got Away!

  1. Oh, his expressioIf he could speak, we know what he’d be saying! Those eyes in the last shot are amazing. Some of the fish have been lucky this week.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the expression on his face and what he had to be thinking. Often when watching birds like this, we will talk for them imagining what we think they would likely say if they could talk. That’s one thing that led me to start this blog, I was trying to give a voice to the animals. 🙂
      Yes indeed, a few fish did get lucky this past week. 🙂

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