Well THAT Had To Hurt!!

Yesterday evening we had a good size group of spoonbills show up. We counted 14 of them which was the most we ever saw together all in one location at the same time.

When you get that amount of almost any of the large waders together you have to figure it’s only a matter of time before an argument breaks out. When it became apparent these two spoonies were going to have a disagreement I was not surprised. However I was surprised when one grabbed the other by the head and shoved it down into the water almost as if it was trying to drown the poor pink spoonbill!

The fight broke up almost as quickly as it started and they both went right back to the business of feeding, but the instigator did seem to be rather proud and happy that he successfully got his point across!

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Battle in the Salt Marsh


51 thoughts on “Well THAT Had To Hurt!!

  1. Beautiful colors! Great action shots. It would have been nice to say they were flirting but since mating season is mostly over I don’t think that was the case.. Glad no one was too hurt.

    • Yes it can get interesting out there and you never know what might set something (or someone) off. Alligators are the same. Two can float and eat side by side with no problems sometimes but other times it’s a huge event.

    • Yes quite a bit of animal behavior can indeed mirror human behavior. So who learned it from who? 🙂
      The spoonbills don’t make much of a racket, about the only sounds I hear from them are some low grunts. But they do splash around.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! Yikes. And the attitude in that last photos! I can’t believe these guys! It sure did look like the meanie was trying to stick the other poor guy’s head under water and hold it there. Interesting that they act like nothing happened once the incident is over. Quite an interesting capture of these event – they are goofy and pretty.

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