There’s An Osprey In There Somewhere

Yesterday afternoon there was an osprey circling above the marsh pond hunting for a tasty fish. When I saw him dive down and hit the water I was excited to see that, but was not happy that the location would make him 100% backlit.

I banged off a few shots anyway and could immediately tell the osprey would be lost in all that spray from the splash. But I stayed with it and saw that he did indeed catch a fish which he proceeded to show off by flying right in front of me on his way across the marsh.

I knew there was a bald eagle in a tree on the far side of the marsh pond and expected the eagle to come blasting in to try to steal the osprey’s prize. But the eagle never budged so the osprey got to keep his fish this time.

Osprey Splashes Up A Fish

Osprey Splashes Up A Fish

Osprey Splashes Up A Fish

Osprey Splashes Up A Fish

Osprey Splashes Up A Fish

11 thoughts on “There’s An Osprey In There Somewhere

  1. Glad the BE stayed away this time. Great action here. He’s a water bird, that is for sure. Love those first three shots for that. And of course the last shots for that fish he caught. Glad he got to keep his catch this time!

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