Morning In The Marsh

A bit of a grey, cloudy morning today in the marsh but there was some activity going on.

As usual the alligators felt they needed to be the stars of the show. There had to be ten or more all going about their business which mostly consisted of hunting for breakfast, and a few got up out of the water and took a look around.

One small gator looked on from the shallow water as a great blue heron patrolled his area of the salt marsh.

An egret seemed very interested in watching a spoonbill feed. How odd the spoonies must appear to egrets, plus they fish much differently.

One large alligator popped just his head up to survey the scene. Everything looked Ok so he soon went back under.

An anhinga was quite successful at catching it’s morning meal, I saw it come up with a couple of nice fish.

And I thought I would end this post with a look at some of the lovely pink flowers that adorn the edge of the marsh pond area. 🙂

Morning in the Marsh

Morning in the Marsh

Morning in the Marsh

Morning in the Marsh

Morning in the Marsh

Morning in the Marsh

33 thoughts on “Morning In The Marsh

  1. Gorgeous photos, and the air of morning calm comes through. Each shot is unique, and together they represent so many of my favorite marsh denizens! I like every single one for a different reason. 🙂 Beautiful creatures!

    • I am so glad to read this and I’m thrilled you so enjoy seeing our wild creatures out living their lives in the marsh.
      We like them all as well and get quite protective. This morning we made sure a young alligator would be able to walk out of the marsh and get to where he wanted to go unmolested by anyone nearby.

  2. These are some of the greatest photos from the salt marsh, how do you get such great close ups without some of the animals running off and is it you, or the zoom lense, I think these are really great and would love to get close ups like this too of some beautiful creatures I see, but cant seem to get a good focus, the closer I get the more the blur, even with a zoom…These are magnificient…..thanks again for the great pictures!!!!

    • Thank you so much for your very kind comments Linda I greatly appreciate it. Although I do indeed have a rather modest telephoto lens, we are very lucky that so much of the wildlife we see and photograph is either quite used to having people around or they don’t care. So they mostly ignore me which allows me to get fairly close. I understand that is not the case everywhere and some can not get even a little close to birds without them taking off.
      Keep trying I’m sure you will get the photos you want!

    • I will be sure to pass along your very kind words to the whole crowd out there! The alligators kind of expect the compliments because they think rather highly of themselves. 🙂 But why not?! They are fun guys!

  3. Your photos are truly magnificent. I especially like the little fish. His colors and details so perfectly captured.
    I agree with the others. These must be your best yet.

  4. I love the light, even on a cloudy morning in the marsh – such a busy place! The last one is great – I would never have thought of framing a ‘gator in those beautiful pink flowers! Makes him look quite a sweetie!

    • We just can’t get the light perfect lately. Too dim yesterday, too bright and contrasty today.
      Oh well, it could be worse I suppose.
      Thanks Maggie. and yes that gator tucked in among the pink flowers does look sort of like a puppy. 🙂

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