Diving In

This past weekend a spoonbill comes diving down looking for a perfect spot to land!

Diving In

29 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. Wonderful picture!!!!! I think of you two week ago because I went to the Paris’ zoo and there is a greenhouse with spoonbill free in there . So they fly just aver our heads. But it is better in their own nature.
    Have a nice day Phil

    • That’s the funny thing about these birds, I can never get enough of them either. Despite the fact I have a ton of photos of them, if any come around I’m right back out there taking more. 😀

  2. Great shot of one of the pink guys. It shows all his fun parts, the feet (those feet!), the beautiful pink , the wings, and of course his bill! I can look at these guys all day.

  3. Any sports photographer can produce technically great stop-action photographs, but your masterful use of composition, light, and suspended animation require the eye of an artist. Beautiful, soulful work here! 🙂

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