No Big Deal

A group of wood storks seem unconcerned and unimpressed as a young alligator slowly glides through the pack yesterday evening in the marsh pond.

Alligator Glides by Wood Storks

16 thoughts on “No Big Deal

    • It was funny too because earlier that same alligator crawled up out of the water onto a clump of grass to take a nap in the sun. There was already a wood stork standing in that spot but Woody never even budged a bit. He made the alligator settle for whatever room was remaining. 🙂

  1. As usual it seems that the alligator just glides on by, ignoring them, guess the alligators are used to sharing the salt marsh……very cool……:-)

    • It is always interesting to me to see how different species interact with one another. We had at least 10 different types of birds out there along with several alligators and everyone pretty much did their own thing. The only real losers though are the fish. Everybody agrees that eating them is a great idea.

    • Thanks for looking and commenting. The alligators will sometimes take a bird but it’s usually a smaller bird then these storks. But I have seen a gator take a mute swan and a brown pelican which are large birds so it does happen.

    • You are right, those gators do somehow often manage to sneak their way into my shots. There I am minding my own business taking photos of wood storks, and what happens? The gator just has to make an appearance. Storks though, as usual, remain unimpressed.

    • We had a good size group of wood storks out there, it’s often fun when a couple start smacking at each other and clacking those huge bills together. Sounds like someone hitting two planks of wood together.

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