Just Going About Our Business

On a recent evening in the salt marsh, an egret, a spoonbill, and an alligator all keep busy hunting for dinner.

Neither the egret or the spoonbill were on the dinner menu for this young alligator however. He would more likely be after a nice crunchy crab or a mouthful of fresh fish.

Egret Spoonbill and Alligator

14 thoughts on “Just Going About Our Business

    • I need to hire a comedy writer.
      I hit a wall trying to come up with an appropriate joke for this. Some days you have it, some days you don’t.
      Feel free to add any humorous captions that come to mind. It’s gotta be better then anything I came up with today.

  1. I think that Lyle was looking for something like, “An egret, a spoonbill, and an alligator walked into a bar for a few drinks and ran up quite a tab. The alligator had a few coins and the egret had only a couple of dollars, so the roseate ended up paying–everyone know that they always have big bills.”

  2. Great lighting and clarity in this shot! I’ve sometimes seen the egrets, and other larger birds like this, intimidate and chase away smallish gators. Maybe this guy is just trying to “look casual”.
    Nice joke, Mike!

    • These guys are more inclined to follow the gator around as it stirs up the fish and shrimp into a panic making them easier to catch for the birds. They like seeing Mr. Alligator!

  3. Yes, young Mr. A appears to be on the lookout for something else. Interesting how the birds see him, but are not alarmed. I like this trio!

    • Some of the birds are happy to see an alligator out there because the gator will get the fish and shrimp all stirred up and that makes them easier to catch. Funny to see three such different species in one shot I thought.

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