Done For The Day

A white ibis on a late evening flight back to his roost in the swamp.

We don’t call them “muddy ibis” by accident. This one still has marsh mud all over his face and feet!

Ibis Evening Flight

14 thoughts on “Done For The Day

  1. He is a silly looking guy, but like with the wood stork, I like the ibis! Must say, his feet and bill are nicely coordinated. 😉

  2. Fabulous capture!! We have White Ibis here whose bills are often blackened by all their incessant foraging and digging in the marsh, but their body feathers stay amazingly clean and white, somehow. Maybe the difference is the swamp vs. the marsh (?).

    • It’s odd, sometimes they can have pristine white feathers with dirty faces. While other times they have mud all over. Yup, muddy ibis, they just love sticking those impossible long curved bills down into that mud. 🙂

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