Osprey Double Dipper

This morning I spotted an osprey flying right towards me from out over the salt marsh. It looked like he might have a fish in his talons so I got ready to bang off a few shots as he approached.

Well he sure did have a fish, but it wasn’t until I looked at the photos late that I realized he had two fish! One in each claw.

That osprey must have gotten very lucky either over the nearby ocean or out in the salt marsh, and was last seen flying toward the trees with his exceptional catch.

Osprey Flight with Two Fish

Osprey Flight with Two Fish

Osprey Flight with Two Fish

Osprey Flight with Two Fish



27 thoughts on “Osprey Double Dipper

    • Those do look like tasty snacks. Huge surprise was that I knew a bald eagle was sitting in a tree on the far side of the marsh so how this osprey managed to sneak by the eagle carrying this tempting cargo remains a mystery.

  1. Wow, what great shots, unbelievable, one of the best yet…..thanks Phil… :-)….very smart bird, two fish…guess he was hungry or brought one for one of his friends…

    • My money would be on the osprey dove down after spotting one fish and came up with an unexpected bonus.
      But, I’ll let him tell the story about he skilled he is. Why spoil it? 🙂

    • That’s more of the amazing part, although there was a bald eagle in a tree on the other side of the marsh, it let the osprey fly right on by unmolested. Lucky osprey. Maybe the eagle was tired.

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