Quick Sidestep

Last night we had a good size crowd of egrets all fishing together in the salt marsh at the same time.

Except… not very much actual fishing was taking place. Mostly what they were doing was squawking and fussing at each other.

At one point an egret got jumped by another and it looks like the bird on the right had his wings going in one direction, while his head and feet were simultaneously going in a different direction.

It was entertaining out there but quite loud as well with all the noise this group was making!

Egrets Fighting in the Salt Marsh


14 thoughts on “Quick Sidestep

  1. Maybe not the happiest Thanksgiving for this lot? That had to be quite a racket, what with all the squawking and flapping! Love that photo!

    • I have a ton of pictures from this amazing event that I have not had time to go through yet. There was so much going on I didn’t know where to look. Glad you enjoyed this photo I’ll have to get more up soon.

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