Crashes And Splashes

When brown pelicans are fishing, they hit the water like they were just tossed out of a moving vehicle. Brown pelicans are not extremely graceful looking birds to begin with, and their fishing technique has to be hard on their faces as they continually crash into the water head first.

Here are a few pelicans in action as they crash their way around the marsh hunting for a fish dinner!

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

Crashes and Splashes

33 thoughts on “Crashes And Splashes

  1. Great shots of this terrific behavior! I’ve always enjoyed watching this activity in the cool green water at some of our local inlets along the ocean – it is quite remarkable, but I’ve never managed to get photos like these.
    (Super analogy, too!)

    • I’ve seen them often fishing out over the ocean but the funny thing about this particular area (well, not funny for the pelicans) is that the water is very shallow. This means they have to adjust their diving technique from a straight vertical dive to a sort of sideways slice and scoop. We still saw a couple get banged up.
      Glad you liked my analogy, I always did think that’s what they looked like. 🙂

  2. Crazy sequence, showing this hunting/fishing behavior. Especially the fact that you could caputre this. They’ve got a little spear tip on that bill ….scary.

    • I did see one really scrape up that bill bill too, must have hit a rock. I guess that’s why the young pelicans were out practicing, like kids everywhere a few bumps and scrapes are bound to occur. It was funny how quickly they learned not to dive down totally head first!

    • I had a tough time getting down the timing on those dives. I realized that if I saw it about to happen then hit the shutter I was always too late.
      We saw several that were banded, they must get them really young.

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