Fast Fun Flyers

Yesterday afternoon we had a couple of Forster’s Terns working the salt marsh at mid tide. These small terns are built for speed and they can make you dizzy trying to follow them as they fly around searching for a fish.

But it is fun to watch them zipping above the water in quick erratic flights and try to predict which direction one might ‘tern’ next.

Often they do a quick gulp after catching a fish, and other times they fly off with it as this one is doing in these photos.

Our pal Radar even popped up his head for a quick photo bomb as one of the terns jetted by…  🙂

Terns at the Salt Marsh

Terns at the Salt Marsh

Terns at the Salt Marsh

Terns at the Salt Marsh

12 thoughts on “Fast Fun Flyers

  1. These little guys are really pretty. Where almost everyone else has long, impossibly thin gangly legs, these guys have compact everything. Love Mr. Radar getting in the frame!

  2. Bravo for capturing these quick beauties with your lens! They are almost as difficult as the kingfisher. No, I think they are harder. At least the kingfisher hovers and you can click away for a second with a high SS.

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