Sure, It Looks Like Fun…

I was watching this young brown pelican fishing in the salt marsh on a recent afternoon. The bird seemed to be having a good time splashing around, and flying back and forth low over the water.

But especially for the juveniles, fishing is serious business. It’s in those first couple of early years where experience means survival. We have seen a few young brown pelicans dead around the area. Sometimes it’s a sudden drop in temperature during the night combined with not catching enough food that can create a fatal crises for these birds.

Of course most will survive which is apparent from the large numbers of them we can see almost year round flying just out over the ocean as well as a bit inland.

Pelican Splashing in Salt Marsh

Pelican Splashing in Salt Marsh

Pelican Splashing in Salt Marsh

20 thoughts on “Sure, It Looks Like Fun…

    • Hey Scott, I don’t use a zoom I have a straight Canon 300 f4 most often with a 1.4 extender attached on a 7D MK II (since Nov.) and previously the original 7D. So most everything is shot at 420.

      • Phil thanks for getting back – that is very interesting read some rviews comparing a Nikon 300 with a 1.7 convertor versus a cheap glass Tamron 150 – 600 (good centre detail apparently) and a Sigma 150-500 similar feedback so thanks Phil cracking feedback – have a great New Year to you and your family 👍

  1. Thank you for your beautiful pelican pictures and all the others you have sent me, a definate pick me up to see all the beautiful nature your surrounded by, and the great shots. Happy 2015, and am looking foward to more beauty and nature from your very beautiful shots!!!!

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