Rapid Departure

A cormorant hops, skips, and takes off from the marsh on it’s way to hopefully better fishing on the far side.

Cormorants are skilled at fishing and even a small group of them can quickly put a real dent in the fish population.

Cormorant Quick Takeoff

Cormorant Quick Takeoff

Cormorant Quick Takeoff

14 thoughts on “Rapid Departure

  1. Phil,
    Always enjoy your blog and posts-wonderful bird photos. Thanks for posting this nice series of shots -all in good focus. Looks like you are making use of the 10fps and focus system of your 70DMK2. How do you rate it over your old 7D for bird photographs?

  2. Looks Like they walk on water when they do that, great shot, its great you get these at the moment, thats what photography is all about, in the moment!!!

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