Weekend Loon

We had an unusual appearance in the salt marsh this past weekend when a red throated loon cruised in for a brief visit.

This is not a bird we often see so it was a nice treat. The loon floated back and forth in the salt marsh during mid tide while most of the wading birds were sitting in trees or feeding elsewhere.

The loon didn’t seem to be especially timid or concerned about a person pointing something at him, and he got quite close at one point.

Anyway, at least it was something different then our usual sightings of Radar. Not that there is anything wrong with that, and later this week I will be posting photos from today of our egret pal with his new friend. 🙂

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

Red Throated Loon in Salt Marsh

39 thoughts on “Weekend Loon

  1. Stunningly beautiful photos! We are so fortunate to have someone like you available to capture and share these photos with the rest of us! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful shots! I love the reflections. It looks like you were so close (although I’m sure you have good zoom on your lens). We get them here in central Florida but it’s not common and they are hard to find.

    • Thanks very much glad you liked seeing the loon! I only shoot with a 300 f4 with a 1.4 extender so I helps when they come in close. We don’t see them very often but it’s always in the salt marsh or along the ocean.

  3. You hear about the haunting calls of a loon, but I really just realized I didn’t know what a loon looked like. Thanks for he view of your rare visitor….lovely images and great expression on the bird.

    • I’ve seen the common loon on several occasions and oddly always around this same area. But this could have been a first for this variety. It is nice to see something a bit different.

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