The Big Guy Was Up

This afternoon I saw a small group of American White Pelicans circling in toward the marsh from the ocean side.

One of them did a direct overhead pass by my location giving me a nice view of those huge wings.

White pelicans have the second largest wing span of any bird in the United States, second only to the California Condor.

This is a good size bird and quite a bit larger then our regular brown pelicans we see much more often, especially along the coast.

American White Pelican Flight

14 thoughts on “The Big Guy Was Up

  1. Beautiful shot, birds have the life, all they have to do is pick up and fly to whever they want to……very free and beautiful picture.

    • Between these guys and the eagles, their flying appears almost effortless once they get high and catch the thermals. No flapping even required at that point, just stick out those wings and let the air currents do all the work.

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