Battling The Wind

It has been very windy with strong gusts around the marsh the past few days. That is not very good flight weather for the birds and many are choosing to delay any optional flying.

But when it becomes absolutely necessary to move to another area they have no choice. This great blue heron was struggling a bit as it flew close to the trees, but these guys know how to use their big wings to full advantage. Sometimes making the body as streamlined as possible when flying helps tremendously in navigating these rather inhospitable conditions.

GBH Windy Flight

GBH Windy Flight

GBH Windy Flight

GBH Windy Flight

31 thoughts on “Battling The Wind

    • Thanks, glad you liked these GBH shots. I took these this past weekend and as best as my limited short term memory can operate, I believe the bird was flying into a headwind which would have slowed him down a bit.
      I do know for a fact that it was windy though. 🙂

    • It’s been very windy off and on for over a week here now, and many days I go out and don’t see a lot of flying around, much more standing using the reeds as wind blocks. Glad you liked these GBH pics!

      • Sometimes windy days make for challenging photography when the birds seems to be hanging on to a thin limb for dear life and swaying back and forth to extreme degrees. At least for me, I do prefer less motion to contend with when shooting. High winds can drive birds off course too and sometimes results in seeing species not normally in a given area.

        • One other thing that can be challenging for bird in flight shots is when they have a stiff wind at their back. Then the birds can zip by in a second! Unpredictable gusts can blow them all over too. I feel bad for some of these guys when I see them tossed around out there.

    • I usually try where possible to get a background of trees, water, or reeds rather then open sky. Of course with higher flyers like eagles and ospreys sometime you have to take what you are given. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed these!

      • Thank you Phil. I have plenty of places to find wildlife living in the Pacific NW, but I don’t always have the time to get out…I finally did yesterday and I noticed I wish I had a lens that could get even a closer shot!!! I think though I need to just stick with the nice camera!

        • I meant stick with the camera I have !!! Nikon 80 D. I did see some a large amount of Heron yesterday and photographed them a bit. We also saw over 50 eagles alone..It was a sight to behold!

  1. It’s also terrible windy here too, Phil. A Turkey Buzzard blew into my backyard this afternoon. I’ve never seen one here before. Great shots of the Great Blue. Mine hasn’t moved an inch all day. He’s just hunkered down in his feathers, keeping warm.

    • Vultures are like pigeons around here, we can see some flying around almost everywhere, but usually high up. We had a deer hit and off the side of the road a couple weeks ago and driving by the next day there were half a dozen black vultures sitting on it.
      In the colder then normal, and windy weather we have been enduring lately, I see GBH heads just barely poking above the reeds out in the marsh. They are also taking it pretty easy.
      Glad you enjoyed these shots Sylvia!

    • We often feel bad for much of the wildlife when weather turns bad, but life in nature goes on. Of course now that our local bald eagle pair have their chick we constantly worry about the well being of the little guy, and hope these very young parents will know what to do. Again, nature usually does know best. 🙂

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