It’s That Time of Year

Earlier this weekend a great egret came gliding across the reeds, took a hard right turn, and landed in the salt marsh directly in front of me.

Once I spotted the bright green lores around it’s eyes I realized that this bird was in breeding condition. The egret will also likely develop long back plumes which may be fanned out during courtship.

Other egrets and herons may display breeding color and plumage as well. The snowy egrets get bright reddish orange lores, while the great blue heron has bright blue around it’s eyes and the tricolored heron’s entire bill may turn a bright royal blue.

Always interesting to see nature in action.

Egret in Breeding Color

Egret in Breeding Color

Egret in Breeding Color

28 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

    • Thanks Amy! No it’s the old reliable five year old 7D. The new MK II has been into Canon twice now for warranty service due to inconsistent focusing issues. They still have it in fact. They keep insisting it works properly when I know it doesn’t and I’m nowhere near the only one with this problem. Canon has been nothing short of disgraceful handling this situation. Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with in my life.

    • I honestly don’t know 100% for a fact if it’s a male because the sexes look identical in this species. I usually just refer to them all as a ‘he’ as a convenience term.
      On a related note our buddy Radar has vanished again. This time for longer then last when he came home for Christmas. No one has seen him in a good six weeks or so. He was in breeding condition last year but he stayed around. Not sure if he has a girlfriend stashed somewhere or what. Hope he comes back though. He is missed by many.

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