Here are two of the four alligators I saw parked at the edge of the marsh pond this morning. They are out awaiting the warming trend in temperatures that we’re expecting to start today.

So far they have been a bit disappointed, it was cool and somewhat blustery out there, but things appear to be improving as the day moves along.

It’s not nice to fool the alligators with the weather forecast. If you promise them a warm sunny day, that’s what they expect!



19 thoughts on “Parked

    • They give me a couple different looks. I’m not sure about some but I do think when they start blowing bubbles at me when in the water it’s not because it’s someone’s birthday. 😮

    • I’m not sure how those gators always seem to end up here, plus they do tend to attract some onlookers.
      I’m just waiting now for them to get up and start doing stuff. Currently they are mostly just laying there looking at me as if I’m supposed to entertain them.

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