Reluctant Lunch

Earlier this afternoon I was watching an anhinga fishing when he suddenly jumped up out of the water and onto a nearby stump with a fish stuck to his bill. The anhinga proceeded to pound and scrape the fish across the stump trying to get it off his bill so that he could gulp it down. The fish, of course, was not at all happy with how his day was shaping up and I strongly suspect he knew it would not end well.

After struggling for a couple of minutes, the anhinga finally swallowed his prize catch. Now that lunch was over the only thing left to do was climb to the top of the stump and triumphantly assume the wing drying pose!

Anhinga Snags Fish

Anhinga Snags Fish

Anhinga Snags Fish

Anhinga Snags Fish

Anhinga Snags Fish

35 thoughts on “Reluctant Lunch

  1. you consistently blow me away – a week with you and a week with Lyle and I’d understand life beyond landscape and property ๐Ÿ™‚ last shot although it is not part of the action sequence is – a cracker (light) – I would love to see atadge more of it’s geography – frightening consistency Phil

    • It was a mostly grey cloudy day out there today but for one brief instant a little sunlight peaked out and lit the bird a bit nicer for that last shot.
      Thanks very much Scott I appreciate it.

  2. I was near Savannah years ago, watching an anhinga sunning on a curved piece of wood over a small channel. Suddenly it dove into the water when an alligator came up after it. I sat there with my mouth open.

  3. Beautiful shots, His wings look like silver wings, I never saw a bird like him, and I like his lunch, he eats very healthy…..again, thank you for this beautiful series..

    • Glad you liked these anhinga shots. I was actually walking away to go look at an osprey that was flying around when I happened to turn back around and this guy popped up with his fish.

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