It Was Pandemonium Out There!

When two alligators start going at each other, it kind of sets off a bit of a panic. It’s hard for anybody to remain calm and the best action is certainly to get out of the way and do it quickly.

This file shot from a while back demonstrates how one sudden aggressive move by these guys is all it takes to send a group of snowy egrets scrambling. The fact that all these snowys were hanging around in the close general vicinity of a couple of ornery gators is of course a separate issue. As usual, no one got hurt, however one might suggest they are asking for trouble. But then again, that’s snowys, always in the middle of the action.

While writing this I also realized this was my 1,000th post. A display of total pandemonium is not at all meant to describe my time doing a wildlife photo blog. Most of it in fact has been quite calm. But the roller coasted ride of my own life can occasionally find itself blending into the world of wildlife photography and life in the marsh. One minute things are quiet and serene, and in an instant things can erupt and immediately change everything.

But… that’s also the fun in it!


28 thoughts on “It Was Pandemonium Out There!

  1. Imagine that, our lives reflected in our photos!!! Congratulations on reaching 1,000 posts. I love your photos and the accompanying narratives. It’s kind of like a soap opera, with recurring characters and occasional plot twists. It’s no exaggeration, though, to say that it’s your amazing photos that keep us coming back and I aspire to take shots like yours (though there are no alligators here in Northern Virginia, unless you count the two-legged lawyers–we have lots of those).

    • Thank you so much Mike I greatly appreciate your very kind words and wow I never thought of that but you are right it is kind of like a soap opera out there with their ongoing stories some of which might even stretch believability. 😀
      Speaking of characters in the stories… it’s now closing in on two months and no one has seen our egret buddy “Radar”. Where could he be?!

  2. (…Hear-hear to Mike’s N.VA quip!) ANYWAY. 😀 Phil, your introspection together with your vivid, eloquent wildlife pics make you and all those swamp characters so endearing to us! Every creature – an individual; every event including the trivial, hilarious frivolity – contemplative. Echoing everyone else who is congratulating you on this monumental milestone of the thousandth blog, we raise our glasses to thousands more. You are tremendous gift and we celebrate you.

    • Thanks a million for the very kind comments Edna I really appreciate that and it’s great to know you enjoy seeing life over in the marsh and all the sometimes wacky goings on! Glad you are here!

  3. Life takes us all by surprise, at times! Phil, you have become part of our lives, with your incredible pictures, funny, moving, educational and fascinating. Thank you for every one! And congratulations on your milestone!

  4. Pandemonium is a great way to celebrate your 1,000th post. These great photos seem to follow you around which of course means they are not following you at all. Congrats on all around.

  5. 1000 posts that is tremendous – I have just completed my 4th anniversary and I’m not sure how many posts I’ve made (as I only leave around 18 months worth on here – cause I’m Scottish and to tight to pay for the space😝) but this much I know it ain’t close to 1000 – Yours is one of my favourite blogs around Phil because it is both informative and humorous but most of all because the images are of such a high calibre – Well done and I hop I am sending you more felicitations in another 1000 posts

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