Alligators As Art?

Earlier this week I was watching and photographing this alligator sloshing about the water while feeding in the salt marsh.

Although I got some of the standard shots of the big guy blasting around after fish and slowly stalking his prey at times, I also got a few shots that I thought may possibly show a more artistic side of our gator pal.

Looking almost straight down with the alligator beneath me, I got these photos which I feel displays a different sort of viewpoint then I typically present.

Are they artistic? Well, I’m not sure about that, the viewers can decide for themselves how the feel about and interpret these images.

I also realize I’m going out on a limb here by inviting people to consider how they might ‘feel’ about an alligator photo. 🙂

Alligators As Art

Alligators As Art

Alligators As Art


30 thoughts on “Alligators As Art?

  1. I think they are artistic. Interesting to see his mouth almost under water in the middle picture. Took me a while to figure out what it was.

  2. He does have an interesting texture and the angle is uncommon. But Mr. Phil, I am so glad that you are photographing him and not me! I’ll stick to the birds and landscapes! They are much safer!

      • I don’t know about that Mr. Phil unless you are the “alligator whisperer”. Check out the email that I sent you yesterday of the Canon camera that was grabbed during an evening photoshoot. The Extreme Sandisk card survived but the Canon and wide angle lens did not! They recovered it 9 months later.

  3. A great shot! I especially loved the first one, I could definitely have it on my wall, and per definition that means its art my world:)

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