The ‘Tweener’

Little Blue Herons start out as all white juveniles and look very similar to snowy egrets. As adults, they become almost entirely blue with a small touch of maroon coloring.

When they are at the in between phase, transitioning from immature to adult little blues, they appear as a patchwork checkerboard of blue and white. These are the birds we often refer to as “tweeners”.

This afternoon I saw one flying above me over the salt marsh. Little blue herons are usually high flyers as opposed to skimming just over the reeds as the larger herons often will, so I ended up with these open blue sky shots.

LBH Tweener Flight

LBH Tweener Flight

11 thoughts on “The ‘Tweener’

  1. Back at you again! Hope I can stick with it. He’s a really nice looking teenager … love that coloring.

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