Pretty Pink Flowers

Quite often, people come up to me and say… ‘Hey, Phil, I know you take some nice shots of birds and other wildlife but have you ever thought about taking flower photos? I bet you could take some nice ones!’

Ok, that’s totally made up, nobody ever says that to me, I came up with the idea all on my own.

This morning, since none of our pink spoonbill visitors were around, as soon as I spotted these lovely pink blooms at the edge of the marsh I figured this would be a great opportunity to try out flower photography. So here ya go, this is my experiment, hope y’all like it!

Oh, BTW… while I was there some alligator munched down a nice size flounder that he caught.

Alligator with Flowers

Alligator with Flowers

Alligator with Flounder

Alligator with Flounder


20 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Flowers

    • Oh he insists on inserting himself into everything. Some day that smug attitude is going to catch up to him. (Don’t tell him I said that)
      Glad you like the spoonies. Saw a couple this morning but they never came in close.

    • Heh heh, thanks Ricky. I screwed up a bit on that second flower shot though. The gator ‘stole’ my focus. I meant to make the flowers sharp and let the gator go soft in the background. Oh well…

  1. Actually, I thought the alligator made an interesting background to the pretty soft pink flowers.
    It just enhanced the picture.
    Well done.

    • Well now don’t start complimenting him too much, he already thinks he’s such a big shot around there and if he hears people say he enhances a scene there will be no living with him. 😀

    • I try to go out and do something different and this is what happens. That boy needs a good talking to and I’m not letting on that you like his looks, he already has a smug attitude.

  2. I like the lovely pink flowers along with Mr. A having a meal … great shots given that Mr. A managed to upstage things a bit!

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