Wild Day

It was a crazy day over at the marsh this afternoon and early evening. There were three alligators feeding in the salt marsh sending the fish flying in all directions, plus another 8 or 10 over in the pond area, the gators were all over the place.

There had to be close to 100 wood storks fishing in the salt marsh along with egrets, herons, and their alligator friends. I even saw a wood stork grab himself a nice size flounder and after a 20 minute struggle, woody got it down.

But since I can’t get at all those photos right now… I have this osprey I found sitting in a dead tree along the edge of the salt marsh. He was just relaxing and enjoying the view but took a second to check me out.

Anyway, wood storks and alligators will be upcoming throughout the week. 🙂

Osprey In Dead Tree

Osprey In Dead Tree


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