Sunday Spoonbills

Well all four spoonbills are still in the marsh area which is good news. The big pink guys are doing their thing and creating excitement as always.

Today we had three of the four hanging around in the general vicinity.

One did a couple of circles and fly by’s over the marsh, the oldest one of the group seemed happy to spend the day with the wood storks, and the third spoonie was mostly just feeding in the salt marsh popping down some tasty glass shrimp.

Gotta love a pink Sunday!

Sunday Spoonbills

Sunday Spoonbills

Sunday Spoonbills

11 thoughts on “Sunday Spoonbills

    • I’m just shocked that there was a group photo being taken and Mister You Know Who didn’t find some way to get involved. He must be slipping. (Don’t tell him I said that) 😀

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