The Jump Off

A cormorant makes a hasty departure from the salt marsh earlier this week.

I was watching this guy fish for a little while. They are super fast swimmers under water and can be tough to track. They go under in one spot and surface seconds later 60 feet away. Plus they are fast eaters, unlike the anhingas who need to flip a caught fish off their bills. Cormorants grab and eat very quickly.

Cormorant Jumps Off

4 thoughts on “The Jump Off

    • It’s funny, I was reminded of what happened in our backyard yesterday. One swan chased another (on foot) and made the other one take off. They are such big birds they need a lot of runway and take forever to get off the ground. This one flew right past our back porch maybe 8 feet from us and it was barely more then a foot off the ground for quite a long time.
      The cormorants also take a while to get airborne but nothing like those huge mute swans. 🙂

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