These Guys Need A Lot Of Runway

This past week I was watching a cormorant fishing in the salt marsh. Two or three times he took off to go fish a bit farther down, and each time it took him longer to get started. He could barely get airborne. I guess once they get good and wet they also get heavier which means it takes a while to get going.

Plus…they have to do that hop, skip, and jump technique before they can evenΒ think about taking flight. That’s where all the extra required runway comes in handy.

A Long Time To Leave

A Long Time To Leave

A Long Time To Leave

A Long Time To Leave

14 thoughts on “These Guys Need A Lot Of Runway

  1. That’s why we commonly see them standing around, drying out their wings. First time I ever saw that was on a visit to Florida. Cracked me up because my first thought was that they were drying out their armpits. That was back in the day when I had to look up nearly every bird I encountered in order to identify it. Who knew bird watching could be such fun?

    • It is fun finding out cool new stuff about birds. I think the first time I really saw the dry off outstretched wings routine was by an anhinga. Those are very similar to the cormorants in fishing and drying styles but the anhingas are in a class by themselves.

    • Yes, I’m always surprised when I see a fully wet one take off right out of the water skipping the dry off period.
      Of course I’ve seen an alligator snap at a cormorant or anhinga and then I can certainly understand the quick take off wet or not!

  2. Yes, we have a lot of cormorants here too, and it always amuses me to see how they hardly manage to get clear of the water, however hard they flap their wings. I bet the Great Blue and the Egret have a good laugh too. πŸ™‚

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